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War of Progress
War of Progress
31 December 2018

I was just relaxing on a chair near to the swimming pool and thinking why people keep running day & night and I found that we have made our life a war. Everyone wants to progress and one must progress because he/she deserves it. In Nature, every plant, animal grows naturally but in the case of humans, we do not want to grow as nature grows. We have learned to grow how others grow and now it has become our habit or trend of society. With awareness and experience, I have found that life has become a war in this process of progress so I have elaborated on how W.A.R. can help in the war of progress.
W - Write, what I want- Most of the time we get attracted to so many things in life and we start targeting them unknowingly. My suggestion is that please write in A-4 size paper or in a diary with a smartpen that what I actually want. Till I am not sure what I want, I will keep running here and there.
A - Am I committed? - Next step after clarity on paper of what I want I need to check am I committed or just interested. Are my actions aligned with my goals/ targets?
R - Review it frequently. If you come to know your mistake every day probably you will correct it next day maximum. So I suggest people review daily, weekly and monthly about what you want, Did you do what you planned in the morning ?
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