About Us

Dr. Arya has been very passionate about the safety and well-being of every human being since childhood. It has been a stunning journey for Rakesh as he has been raised up in a Vedic Family with Army background where values, discipline and administration become part of the DNA automatically.

Being a serial entrepreneur for 15 years backed by 15 years of corporate experience, he’s enjoying this amazing journey of learning & sharing experiences and helping others to achieve the growth which everyone deserves & desires.

He founded Rapid Service Providers in 2003 to educate people about awareness of fire safety. He believes in holding the hand of clients from educating about the need for products and services until automatic after-sales services. His vision is to make every citizen aware of safety like a soldier. Rapid Service Providers is One Window Solution for Fire Protection & Safety Solutions including Hydrant Fittings, Fire Extinguishers, PPE, and Road Safety Items, etc. along with the Distribution, After Sales Service, Projects, Subtle Audits, Inspiring Training and Product Promotion PAN India.

In 2014, Dr. Arya launched one of his dream venture successfully named RENEW (Rapid Entertainment & Education World). RENEW inspire people towards their defined GROWTH with a structure, having mainly three steps: Awareness, Implementation and Review for precise Results.

He, as a Growth Strategist, Possibility Guide & Lifestyle Speaker, helps Entrepreneurs, Professionals, Employees, Corporate, Couples & Children in identifying what they need and how to get that. With years of experience, Rakesh helps them in creating more time within 24 hours and utilizing the same in alignment with their goals.

For doing all above decently, he lives in solitude in woods and mountains for a week, every alternative month. He reads ancient Indian culture, analyze modern challenges, talks to nature, does introspections and writes.

“I am on a mission, where I would be contributing in people's life, from creation to celebration , decision to destiny, belief to behavior & possibility to prosperity with a balance between living & working.”


VISION - To inspire the humanity towards becoming unstoppable and staying happy every moment.

MISSION - To make a path for everybody where he can explore possibilities for his designed dreams, fearlessly without attachment.

PURPOSE - To serve and inspire human kind.