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Two energies which make you grow
Two energies which make you grow
01 May 2015

There are two energies which make us grow or degrow. Everyone desires to grow. For growing unexceptionally, we need, two types of energies.

1. Physical Energy– It has to be always at high, under all circumstances good or bad. In good situations, we can make it better and enjoy the goodness. In bad situations, we need this energy to handle the balance of life and to come out of it.To have this, to the best extent, it has three pillars.

i). Workout– We must spare minimum 30 minutes to sweat 365 days. If we look for some excuse not to do it, it takes us to lower energies which cause less productivity, less income and weaker branding.

ii). Sleep– Sound sleep is like charging your mobile. You know, what happens if mobile is not charged. If sound sleep not had, it can cause dangerous disease.

iii). Diet– Many times, either we don’t eat or we do not eat right even after knowing everything. How can we run any vehicle without having proper fuel?

2. Mental Energy– As we take care of body, we need to take care of our brain too equally which guides us every minute. It has all three pillars for soundness.

i). Thoughts– We need to be careful while entertaining thought of our own, we need to practice of having only positive thoughts in our brain.

ii). Environment– We needs to be very alert about environment around us. We can choose and create what we want to watch, what we want to read, what we want to hear, we need to have environment where only positive thoughts are generated.

iii). Relationship with SELF– Very fewer discuss and take care of it. There are two things in our ancient books: one is worry and second is introspection so we need to spare sometime for introspection towards our own relationship with our own self. It always helps in identifying the mistakes, we make in our journey of life.

Keep walking, Keep awaking!

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