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Sambhar Life
Sambhar Life
01 October 2016

Sambhar is a curry, comprising many healthy vegetables, eaten all over India which probably started its journey from south India, in my experience. It's eaten less at origins but more at other places, especially north India. If you buy one smallest dish, you will keep getting it free till you want.

Now the context is, our life has become Sambhar. Sorry, it has not become, we have made our life Sambhar. A liquid, spicy and mixed of all that we get at comfort and less price. We keep offering freely to people who keep asking.

Probably, who invented this, would have had no other option. He prepared a meal from everything small he could collect but people made it regular curry. In south India, otherwise, also, people are very simplicity lovers and don't believe in show-offs. They continued with this economic food which is also not bad for health.

So, initially, maybe it is circumstances in life to use sambhar style and that also not for all but later we start enjoying it. It's also very famous that we have been famous monkeys in copying.

We need to stop and look into the need for sambhar life and also the duration. We can choose, re-decide, and get something better than sambhar life. Just try not to have everything small and cheap, not to be available freely for everything. Exceptions have also timelines.

No more a Sambhar Life.

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