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Rope of Life & Work
Rope of Life & Work
01 December 2014

Ladies and gentlemen, I am sure you are on work. We all know what we got first life or work, obviously, Life and what we loose, when we leave the world, of course life. So very apparently work cannot be more important than life because of two above reason and to add, work is only possible if we have life. But at the same time we cannot think of life without work too. But to remind you, priority will always be life. So let us see how we can move on rope made of life & work or in other words make you work life or to make it easier, convert you business into fun work.

1. Do something you love- Do what you love, it will be more productive, satisfying and money giving. Avoid to do what is against liking.

2. Remove all Limits & fears- You can do anything you can think or dream. We are taught since childhood to stretch our legs according to size of quilt, not to take risk. Do not keep barriers and fears in mind while doing your goals.(These should not be harmful to nature and other creatures on earth)

3. Lazor Focus- Focus like a lion, when he moves to hunt, he counts every breath & move of zebra. Your eye should be at finishing line of race.

4. Outsource what you do not like and you cannot do- There will be many things in business or at work place which you don't have taste for and you cannot avoid also. It is advised to delegate or outsource such works to some experts for the same. Do not hesitate to spend time for your love or to avoid dislike.

5. Be yourself- No Show off- People make so many losses just for show offs. Be natural , be yourself, be in a state where you are most comfortable.

6. Invest in yourself- Finally the best investment is you always. Invest maximum in your maintenance and enhancing physical energy, mental energy, Learning and Skills. You need to enjoy your lovable jobs.

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