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HABIT - A Sweet Pain
HABIT - A Sweet Pain
01 February 2017

Dear Reader,

We have been hearing this word, HABIT, since childhood. We have dropped many and picked up many. Even today, we want to pick many and drop many habits. I am sure, you agree with me. Now, how to install a new habit, and what all do we face?

Just to give an insight, when we start gyming, we feel pain initially but we are told or we may know that it remains for initial 7-10 days but gradually our muscles get into practice with clarity that we will have a great body very soon. You also would have heard that many people give up in that initial period of sweet pain and don't reach anywhere but people who continue with clarity and are committed to having a great body, get into the habit with support of their body & brain both.

Now you can take any habit, it needs just two things - one, commitment for goal and second ready to bear initial uncomfort. I would like to give a few examples here. When we join any new work and give our suggestions, people already working there may not accept your ideas or may take time but when they feel the essence slowly, they start respecting and accepting. If you allow any kid to wake up any time he likes and suddenly you tell him to wake up early, it upsets him initially but picks up soon. The same applies to you in case of your habits.

To be clear, firm & precise about habit and be ready for initial uncomfort. Now you are ready for any habit to install.

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