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01 September 2016

As per my Awareness and experience, after breathing, life is a game. You will agree that every game has some rules, some common discipline for all. God or nature has also made some set of rules or principles for all creatures on earth. Most of them take care automatically but humans are super creatures and being super creatures they understand it their right to break rules and they also think they will manage to hide it and many times they become successful also for a short period. When something unwanted happens in life, we, for a very small span of time, try to realize in few cases that why did this happens to me but we don't get into details and start playing with pain as all are doing it.

Let me tell you, that supreme power has his own CCTV and radar system to the extent of counting the breaths, you know it also but feel at cremation ground only for some time. HE keeps preparing challans and keep sending us as warning also. For example, acidity and small pains but we don't start caring till it becomes cancer.

I gently recommend to stop for a while, introspect to understand the rules of human life, whether it's living or working. His accounts, nothing is without the bill. Just see what role has been given to humans and what are the rules comprising sleeping, eating, stretching, helping others, thanking, etc. Few things are there which we only super creatures can do like appreciating, thanking, serving elders, etc. We understood wrongly the meaning of being super creatures. Just see how we bring up our kids. We want to make them responsible but don't give responsibility. We give them mobile and TV initially and try to snatch later. We became destructive with these powers. Let's utilize these powers. Schedule time to think now before you get the next pink slip.

Happy Gaming …...

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