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Five Fingers of Entrepreneur
Five Fingers of Entrepreneur
01 January 2015

As we know, we feel complete power in our fist when all five fingers are intack and equally healthy and powerful. If even, one finger has pain or is damaged, it impacts the power of punch. In the same manner, entrepreneur has to have power on all five fronts of life as below

1. Physical- A weak or sick or unhealthy person cannot do anything. It is basic need of any person who has will to work, that he is physically fit. We have to take care of everything which keeps us fit and even one thing should not weigh us down in health.

2. Mental- Once we are physically fit then only we can have healthy mind and maintain mental energy. For mental energy we need to take care of what we put into our brain, what we continuously allow to get into brain, it starts processing that, as all we know, we reap what we sow.

3. Financial- In terms of finance there is no limit at both ends may be feeling less or feeling sufficient. It is a tool, vehicle, to take us somewhere. Initially we may need cycle only or we need to work with cycle and all know arranging cycle is not a big deal. I would add few more things here money saved is money generated. We need to understand the difference between need and want.

4. Social- We all have been taught that man is a social animal. In today’s race we have ignored our social life and at another front smart people have started to call it networking which benefits us in many areas of life. We must understand that neighbour is always more helpful than relative so we should not ignore our social responsibilities.

5. Spiritual- Most of us, talk about God but how many of us work with him? God has given an inner voice to all, which shows path every time but do we really listen to it? Do we spare some time religiously for spiritual development or relationship with God? We remember it when we get stuck for short time till we are out from mud.

So, my experience says as I started to have power of punch of entrepreneurship we need to take care of every finger equally. Weakness of even one finger impacts the power of others too.

Keep Walking and Keep Waking!

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