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A thin thread of happiness
A thin thread of happiness
01 February 2015

We all know that there are basic needs in life like breathing, food, sleep, smile, natural calls, place for movement towards growth, basic education etc.

Now, we need some resources to get these basic things. Remember old good days when people were more happy with less resources. Now a day’s people are less happy even with so many resources available, with so many facilities and advancements.

Reason behind all this is we have started to focus more on wants, and forgot basic needs. For example, we need good milk which is a need at one point of time but we start focusing on mug, better mug, bigger mug, golden mug and forget the quality of right milk. It caused two disadvantages we spoiled, screwed our happiness in getting better/bigger/golden mug and second we got inferior milk which caused disease. There is a long list of wants like mug and carelessness of better milk.

Happiness is just a thin thread of understanding between needs and wants. We keep on screwing happiness by focusing on wants not needs. After sometime we find, natural needs disappearing but we keep working on wants. We cannot eat, we cannot sleep and we cannot move much but we keep working on bigger mugs, bigger beds, and bigger cars.

Keep walking, Keep awakening!

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