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What makes us UNSTOPPABLE ?
What makes us UNSTOPPABLE ?
01 January 2016

We encounter so many stops daily in life which occur like routine hurdles in growth. My experience says, we need to focus on following grounds and we can become unstoppable.

1. Clarity - When we are not clear on what we want, we will struggle like a person in deep water, who does not know how to swim. We need to be crystal clear on what we are looking for, and it is supposed to be on paper. If we are clear, on list, we can say no, to which is not in alignment with clear written goals.

2. Decision making - Many times we get stuck or we are over taken by others because we are not able to decide faster. Many times we do not decide till train has already left. We can write options with all plus and minus and decide faster. It can be corrected later on the way of execution, if it was not right. Sometimes, we learn a lot which is accumulated as experience.

3. Communication - Until and unless we don’t communicate, how world will know what we have with us to give or take. We keep holding our anger, love, sharing and questions. Initially we do not communicate and later we repent over losses or grievances. Many times when we don’t communicate we start assuming too at both ends which is more dangerous. Therefore to become unstoppable, we need to communicate faster.

4. Action - We have huge knowledge, we keep advising the world, we make very good plans but we do not execute when it comes to action. Without action, there is only one thing tension. Take action, even tension stay will stay away.

5. Review - This is the toughest job for which people do not have time and most of the times we even do not value its importance. While reviewing, we can take action even on above points like clarity, decision and communication. We must review frequently to become unstoppable.

Only one person can make us unstoppable, we our own self.


(Pair of Pearls has been renamed as 2 ELEVATORS from January 2016)

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