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We visit to priest at the time of birth and death. Why?
We visit to priest at the time of birth and death. Why?
01 April 2015

History has been witnessed and everyone knows that when a child takes birth, his/her parents go to Priest for helping them in getting name for him/ her and many other rituals which vary place to place. In the same manner, when someone leaves this world we go to priest for last journey and rituals for soul’s peace. Just think, why don’t we do that at our own because we know he is an expert of his job and we do as it is, as he tells. Likewise in case of marriage we go to priest for asking right suitable dates and other rituals and yes we pay happily what is demanded but why don’t we do this in every activity of life, we most of the time, keep taking disprin or saridon in case of headache, we do not go to Doctor.

In the same manner in business, we just start with our own wisdom. It will always be better if we hire someone or meet some mentor for making entire business plan with steps of action including all activities with monitoring system whether it is sales, or operation or finance or admin.

Today we have expert for every small thing and by the way life has become so complicated though we have chosen, that. We cannot grow without experts-, mentors. One has to do only what he is expert at. If we are interested in something, we can again have mentor to make it better, excellent or perfect. So become priest of one thing and go to priest of other activities you do not know.


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