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Small is must for BIG
Small is must for BIG
01 June 2015

We have been listening since our childhood that such petty things don’t matter. All do the same. Why are you trying to be extra-smart over mini matters. We all know that dislocation of even a small screw can make you stand on highway if your car stops there. Without a brick, building cannot be constructed and a misfit of even a brick can spoil entire show of wall.

A small dot on a new white shirt can makes you out of crowd. And the same applies to system for growth or character of someone. We keep compromising on small values and gradually big results start getting effected and we keep finding the slip. A small lie/theft not reviewed or treated seriously will cause big lies and thefts. A delay of 5 minutes in one meeting by one person can send wrong message to entire discipline. Just think, is it right or to what extent is it right to afford big mess because of initial small slips?

One does not get fat in a day but we want to become slim like a wish from genie. I am leaving you with your thoughts for all areas of life you deal in.

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