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Slow suicide
Slow suicide
01 April 2016

Hi Dreamers, I have brought a new word/concept for you, you might be hearing the first time, which is Slow Suicide.

Initially, we start accepting things that our body, brain, or subconscious does not accept or allow but with the beliefs, we have been gripped by or given by our family, society, and current education system, we start accepting these activities around, against our conscious. It initially gives us bearable pain but we do not become courageous enough most of the time, not to allow happening that, again.

Slowly gradually we become part of that system and two things happen- one, we start blaming the environment, and second we, our self become so week that we cannot even oppose that.

After here, we start tolerating and keep blaming, complaining. To understand that I am reciting a small story of a frog, put in, lukewarm water where heat is increasing very slowly. This frog keeps tolerating initially and does not take any action and when this heat becomes intolerable he becomes so weak that he cannot even move and finally dies there.

So my friends don’t allow yourself or the world to do anything with you which you do under the title “have to”.


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