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01 September 2018

Hello, My Dear Seeker,

It has been my nature to observe every small thing or activity around me at the micro-level and macro as well. I have realised that almost everyone has been looking for something which is new, exciting, better than a neighbour and with speed. In this entire circus, insecurity has also increased with every single action. So people want to be alert at every rather before any leap. Therefore, in many transactions, we use OTP which expires very fast. My insight says that we have started to rush for undefined targets, looking at what others have and attract us also and most surprisingly, expire very fast. Take an example of phones, dresses and automobiles or maybe technologies. In this shell of OTP, I have found a new reality of today's life as below.

O- Over Busy It has become fashion or maybe a status symbol or necessary part of every talk that I don't have time. It's applied to everyone from a labourer to leader. During my many seminars, I have called many overbusy people on stage and analysed their productivity. They realised that they are attending every single thing which comes to their brain, cabin, mobile or tablet and this is not all, they want to attend everything immediately. As a result, there is no actual result but yes, he is very busy. Just check, are you one of them?

T- Trying Many people have started to learn many new things looking at available knowledge or competition in the market but they soon find that they are trying to do so many things together. I keep asking people in sessions about their many areas where they want to work. Even after having knowledge or having courses done, they keep trying. It is like a buffet system, they want to try every available dish whether it suits their body or not and many times people are trapped to eat what they are not supposed.

P- Passing The Buck When people don't perform as they wish or others expect, they try to find some other shoulder to pass the monkey or pass the buck. We have learnt very hard that when something good happens, I did it and when it's opposite to it, others were the culprit. If we don't find anyone, we don't miss to use people who are far away so that you can't cross-check or even God who will never appear in the witness box. We try to find the escape route instead of taking charge of it. We need a bigger life, with an approach of trying and that also without taking 100% responsibility of all plus and minus.

Ultimately, we want to have all that others have, maybe we don't need it at all. In this race of becoming bigger, we want to have security for what we don't need and use OTP. Perhaps I will come with ATP soon, all-time password. I request you to spend 30 minutes on some weekend and write what is your OTP?

Keep smiling and keep roaring!

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