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01 June 2016

I am sure you would have heard this word many times, in your life - LIFESTYLE

Have you ever thought, what actually this word means?

Let me tell you, the dictionary says, it means the way in which a person lives. It has been made by adding two words, life, and style. In the word itself, life comes first and style comes later. I hope you will also agree that we need to focus on life first, in a way which keeps us easy and it is your natural style. You can get inspired by someone's style but see his / her living first. Style is for self not others because as the dictionary says, it's way of living, not something artificial. Whereas most of the time, people start focusing on style (copied from someone else) before living and start spoiling their own living and original style. The style has to be original, not copied. If you want to become a monkey, I mean, if you can't breathe without copying someone, copy how people better than you ( it's again your perception) live life.

Let me tell you about Life also. What is this? Life is breathing, eating, sleeping, playing, making love, praying, laughing, keeping yourself clean, keeping yourself free from all pressures of natural calls, etc. And Style means the way you do it as per your easiness in alignment with your body, brain, or any situation or mind frame. This style will/ may vary person to person, situation to situation because every individual is unique and lives as per individual need.

I will repeat, first, we live and then we choose a style which is suitable for our living.

In modern days, we get carried away with others’ styles, start copying them, and slip away from our true living.

Without looking at the role, climate, situation, environment, or climate we start copying other’s styles. One particular stuff may be a requirement at one place in one particular climate but it does not mean that others think that's an extraordinary style and supposed to be copied for different results. Can the elephant adopt the tiger’s style or can the tiger adopt an elephant’s style?

We, ourselves are unique; we need to live our lives and choose our style which suits the most to my living. Many times we are not exposed to other pains behind the style. We look the cosmetics not the real face. We don't know the sacrifices to make that style. They miss their family, celebrations and living too for that style. You know why people are not healthy, because of borrowed life style. Lifestyles are being borrowed from films, ads, other shining skins, other part of world.

So pick your life to live and choose your style suitable to your life. Make your own life style.Don't be afraid, you can, no one can stop you.

Happy living and happy styling.

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