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01 December 2016

A - Assess- We need to assess on paper, not verbally, few things as below. Most of the time, we keep thinking in mind. Put this on paper with a smooth pen with a color you love.

¬What I thought and achieved?

¬What I did as such I could achieve?

¬What I thought and did not achieve?

¬What I did not do because of which I did not achieve above?

¬What I love to do?

¬What I am an expert at?

Now fresh long term goal with small steps and alignment of all actions having previous experience, what I love, expertise.

Make reminder signs for every place you spend time like, office desk, bedroom, car, shaving mirror, etc. It will keep your spirit alive towards your dreams and actions.

B- Belief- You need to have belief, need to have faith in what you have planned for you. If you have doubts about your dreams, plans, methods, why the world will trust you. Have 100% faith that it will happen. It may break in 10 strokes or maybe 50 or 100 but it is going to happen. For getting something extraordinary you need to change your action, for changing actions, you need to change your beliefs.

C- Confusion- We need to remove the confusion between fear and risk. Since childhood, we have been learning a belief of fear from the environment. My awareness and experience say that this fear is converted into a tougher word risk. Just think, If you remove fear, there is no risk and if you want to take the risk, there is always a fear. No big achievement has taken place without loving risk. Clear your confusion about this double-edged sword having fear and risk. This is one and same thing. In the journey of dreams, there is no risk, if you remove fear. Odds and even have been part of every life including Lord Rama.

D- Divorce- Divorce your lovely comfort zone. Staying in the most beautiful harbor, you can not meet the purpose of being the biggest or more powerful ship. Except for sleeping hours, you are supposed to be on the toes physically and mentally. You must have that alertness, briskness, flexibility of cobra. Spend time in making your muscles of body and brain both and do it daily. If you have not got what you want, you will have to do what you have not done. It will need to come out of the comfort zone. Assess, you love more your dreams or comfort zone.

It is so simple to stay happy but it's not easy to stay simple. I have shared simple ABCD of the kinder garden which makes you aware of a road map towards your dreams, provided you trust it and do it.


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