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IF ?
IF ?
01 February 2016

‘IF’ is a wonderful word which works like anticipatory bail. People, most of the time are interested in many attractive activities or fields or things but not committed for even 10% of those. When, someone asks for surety about precise action or result, most of the times people will tell they will do for sure if something another works or does not come on the way. This ‘if’ shows that he/she is attracted towards it but not sure he/she wants it under any situation.

Peak performers choose with clarity and replies with clear ‘yes’ or ‘no’, they avoid using ‘if’ to the best extent.

In my opinion, let us not expect ‘yes’ always and treat ‘if’ as ‘no’ because it will avoid state of sadness or complain or blame. In case, ‘no’ gets converted into ‘yes’, it will be a surprisingly happy moment or bonus.

Just check, how much can you be clear and don’t use ‘if’. It will enhance your branding also.

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