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I will try
I will try
01 May 2016

Hi Friends, I am your co-pilot Rakesh Arya. I coach people on growth which means how to get what you dream. My question has always been are you interested in or committed to growth. If you are interested then you will keep getting what you have been getting and keep showing your interest in the world. It may fall in your bowl or may not but when you are committed you to do everything to get it and you get it. So in the same context of your commitment, many times we say “I will try” which shows your interest, not commitment and it ends as above it may happen may not happen.

I will try is like safeguarding yourself against getting blamed if in case you could not do it. So, let me tell you, everyone takes action as per his/her priorities but we need to be clear in our thoughts, communication, and people understand that. So if you are not growing it reflects that you are interested, you are trying but not committed. In the process of commitment, you can go to experts for a few supports where you are not expert but in case of interest and trying you will recite your incapabilities.

Just give a thought to it, are you interested or committed for your dream?


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