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Four Wheels Of Business
Four Wheels Of Business
01 October 2015

If I assume business as a car, I have experienced that there are necessary four wheels to run it smoothly towards growth.

1.We need to be EXPERT of what we are dealing in. If we are not expert, we cannot even survive for a long time. Rather we need to update our self daily or ins- outs of our business.

2.Our client should be more than delighted. We many time just think short term and try to provide solution of survival. If we are expert we need to educate client and give him/her the best beyond expectation.

3.Our payment should be with us in time. If we are not getting our payment (Cost and reasonable margin) in time, it cannot be business. It has to be established from day one.

4.We need to give something, may be very little, extra to client to retain for next time. May be free demo, free one service, some rebate, some small gift or scheme attraction.

If we are doing above all four acts, we are truly doing business and we will grow certainly. If one is lacking, at even one point it is not regular business, where one can grow with surety.

Happy Driving!!!

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