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Focus on what you need, not on what you lose
Focus on what you need, not on what you lose
01 August 2016

We have been hearing this word- Focus since our childhood. We have been talking and teaching too, the same to others, as advisors, many times on asking and many times free. It does not mean that we have not tried to do it. We have, but because of many reasons like our comfort zone and our borrowed belief system (BBS). We could not focus much even after our strong will.

I will try to share my awareness and experience on reason about why we could not get desired results in spite of our efforts through focus.

Before I move ahead, I would like to add one more dangerous thing we have learned since childhood, though it can be changed through a new belief system. Coming back to the subject, we need to focus on what we will lose. We have always been carrying fears of doubts, losses, and society comments, etc.

You can take time for freezing what you want, is that need/want aligned with your goal, will it help me in the future even others on contribution. Once you fix, this is what I need/want, focus on actions of taking you to your next goals without looking at here and there, without any thought of fear, loss, or other’s comments. I can assure you, history is witness, who focused on a single mind, became champion.

Let us do it now…. Take a pen, paper and write, what do you need, what it needs to do 100%, where to focus step by step. Make a list of NTD (Not to do-All fears, doubts, public opinion) and tear that list physically and in the brain.

Start the action. Wishing you a life of your dream!


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