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Do we expect?
Do we expect?
01 July 2016

Yes, we all expect!!! From everyone and everything.

If we expect: Just check that do we deserve to expect?

1. Maintain- If we are expecting or when we are expecting, are we maintaining that fitness/relationship with anything/anyone because before we expect we need to meet their/other’s expectations. Let us take an example of a car and a wife.

2. Thank- Are we thanking consistently when they meet our expectations or just move on. Do not you expect thanks from others for every small act or do not you do more/better for, who thank you more.

3. Review- From above 2, I have realized that we need to review/introspect what we need, what we expect, are we maintaining the required things for who will support what we need. Are we having those also whom we do not need/who do not support? Are we thankful to those who really support?


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