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Crystal Clear
Crystal Clear
01 July 2018

Everyone wants happiness which is rarely seen, heard, or felt. In my opinion, if we remove unhappiness, we will automatically be happy. Today let us study unhappiness. God produced us as happy only and we have been happy till around the age of 2-3 years. But after that our happiness started reducing because our clarity started getting polluted. Till 2 years we were clear what we want. We wanted only food, sleep, and play but the entire world started telling us, you need to understand your gender, religion, capacity, rules of society, conventional, rituals, etc.

It starts polluting our clarity about the needs of human life, basic ingredients of happiness, and the real need of understanding the difference between us and animals. With my awareness, I have found that we have to learn basic language, maths of transaction, and our taste of work which makes us happy and others as well. Once, we become crystal clear about what inspires us, we can practice it without pain. It will not only make us happy but enable us to add value in others' life also. To, do that we all are supposed to introspect frequently and it has to be a part of our education which keeps going till last breath with 24-carat happiness.

I suggest you schedule your introspection session now and see what is your clarity about self, others, your need, etc.

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