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Crease Of Standards
Crease Of Standards
01 March 2015

Crease is something, which makes you stand a little different or above normal.It comes from mix of many processes like cooling, heating and folding etc.We would have heard many times the word as to fall in line or fall in place so I will prefer to replace it with to fall in or stand in crease. To achieve this level, first must is our clarity that we need crease, our mindset is aligned for being in crease. People in crease are not ordinary. They have an especial branding, extra ordinary eligibility in life. There is a small process to achieve this level of crease.

1:- We have to be cool at mental level. We have to be in an acceptance mode.

2:- Then we need to go through the heating process which makes sure that we are that metal which can show crease. We need to toil like iron-smith.

3:- Finally, it is given shape by folding it for final show at stage.

After going through all these three steps, we are above ordinary to perform and reap both.

Let us do it!!!

Keep walking, Keep awakening!

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