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5 things can convert an ordinary person into extra ordinary achiever
5 things can convert an ordinary person into extra ordinary achiever
01 September 2015

Everyone who can dream, desires to have extra ordinary results and achievements in life. To get into extra ordinary orbit from ordinary, one can just adopt 5 things and make it possible easily.

1.Fitness-A person who cannot sit, stand, talk or walk with energy for a longer time cannot be extra ordinary achiever. One has to keep fitness at top priority which enables one to work like Duracell advertisement. It needs three things without compromise sleeping, eating, and working out daily sufficiently.

2.Spare time-One has to spare time for oneself to review the progress and clarity. We need to keep having look at our goals and reviewing alignment of actions with the same. It also enhances our power of managing stress and decision making.

3.Fearlessness-Almost everyone has a fear since he/she has grown up because it was taught us through stories, education etc. We always have fear to lose something or someone. Super achievers take risks and do not have any fear of what others will say or what they will lose. Apart from health we cannot lose anything, rest is a game.

4.Scheduling-Anyone who wants to become extra ordinary need to use every single minute wisely. Money can be re-earned, but time cannot be regained. One needs to be clear what one needs/desires and has time should be scheduled in actions aligned to that. Actually people keep complaining of shortage of time where as it is not time but distractions what need to be watched.

5.Having mentor-Most of the people, keep fighting alone, history is witness. Pandavas had Lord Krishna, Kauravas had Shakuni, even Lord Rama had Jamvant etc. We have to focus on what we are expert at, rest is to be done by a team with a consent of consultant or mentor. Every extra ordinary athlete, player, leader, performer has mentor/Coach. We want to do everything at our own. By doing these five things, one can certainly get into an orbit where only extra ordinary people move.

Happy creating extra ordinary results!!!

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