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5 Danger zones for WINNERS
5 Danger zones for WINNERS
01 November 2016

Winners need to be more cautious because expectations from them have always been high. For common people, it may be okay, if he slips sometimes but for WINNERS, it's like branding for them where they can not afford to make mistakes. Though we are humans and to err is human but still if we can learn and practice, how to avoid that erring, will it not be better for role models?

With my awareness and experience, I am sharing five perils which have to be always kept in mind by consistent winners.

1. Getting into complacency- It is very likely for any ordinary human to enjoy this comfort zone but for winners, it's very dangerous to even think of it. Once you step there, for a moment even in thoughts, it makes you slip so faster that one will need huge energy, time, and courage to come back.

2. Not communicating priorities- When I say communicating priorities, it starts with self first and then to others. Being a winner, you need to be very careful always what do you talk to yourself. I here suggest writing all things to be done and then talk to yourself about priorities. Rewrite the actual sequence of actions to make your job easy. Now communicating your priorities to others means, here, saying No, when needed. Not saying, No, can be very dangerous for winners. It may be about eating, spending time & money, or doing some favor to anyone. I am not saying, not to help someone needy but talking about priorities.

3. Losing focus- Winners are like sharpshooters. Whether you shoot by gun or camera, you need to hold your breath in one place and then pull the trigger. Whatever winners do, do with concentration. There is nothing small or big for them because adding many smalls make one big.

4. Not reviewing frequently- It is always good for winners that sooner they come to know about their mistake, faster they can correct it. I personally recommend daily review but the weekly review is mandatory to stay winner consistently. If you spend thirty minutes daily on review before you sleep, it gives amazing results to winners.

5. Not becoming better daily- It is very important for winners to invest in betterment daily. If you will not do, other super achievers are always doing and you will be left behind soon. Later, you will start blaming and complaining. Read books, watch youtube of heroes of your subject, attend seminars and workshops. You have to be ahead and knowing what keeps you ahead is a must. I personally recommend having one mentor in your life as a family doctor. It makes you grow consistently.

I wish you all winning consistently…...

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