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5 A Which ELEVATES your BAR in LIFE
5 A Which ELEVATES your BAR in LIFE
01 July 2017

1. Allocate time -If we truly desire to elevate our bars in life, we need to allocate time to all activities we need to do for our living and working. Most of the time, most of the people, just keep on rushing day & night, keeping cursing the destiny and keep blaming someone or the other. Better, you write all, you are doing or and you want to do, along with frequency & duration, you want to have. Post this recipe in your schedule and stay stick to it.

2. Attend the fear -Many times, we stay with fear of losing something or someone and do not decide. May be, keep procrastinating or struggling within. My experience says fear is the energy that demands action in the future because fear does not belong to the present. We realize fear in our brain because we see happening something in the future. The remedy is, write consequences of fear and prepare antidots for the same. Once you have created guarding for what is making you fearful, you can feel relaxed.

3. Analyze what is working / not working -When we are committed to raising our bars in our life, we need to stop for a while and analyze what all actions are aligned to our goals and what all actions are not aligned to goals. Once we do this analysis, we can choose to do that in the future. It includes people who suck our energy & time. It's better to exclude actions and people from our schedule who are just making us drained.

4. Acknowledge and appreciate -All need and deserve to have acknowledgment and appreciation including you. Thank you for reading this piece. So never forget to acknowledge people for their every small effort. I have seen people not replying to emails, missed calls, and messages. And at the same time, they also keep blaming others for the same. Also, do appreciate people for even a mini good job. People don't miss to scold for underperformance but easily forget to praise.

5. Assist people in raising -You always expect that people must support you in raising in your life which is not bad but do you support people in their needs of raising. What you sow, so shall you reap. What you give to the universe, you get back. My experience says that keep helping people what they want, I will keep getting what I want. Never miss even a single opportunity to help people, if not directly, maybe by guiding them to the right source.

These 5 A are like your tool kit to elevate your bars in life consistently.

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